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Tsotso-o mu Terhuopudi-ü, Unie Dze

Folk Tale . 3:41

Title: Tsotso-o mu Terhuopudi-ü, Unie Dze
Language: Angami(Tenyidie)
Description: This tale speaks about a young man named Tsotso-o from Rüsoma Village, and his beloved lady, Terhuopudi-ü of Dihoma village. Tsotso-o and Tehuopudi-ü were two young cattlemen who fell in love over the course of time spent seeing each other while watching over their cattles grazing. And when their cattles grazed, they would spend their time together sitting on a huge rock, where they would even share their lunch and drinks together. While together, they would lose track of their time in ecstasy of each other’s company, day in and day out, often loathing their separation at night.
However, their love would soon be tested with a great tribulation caused by misunderstanding.
It would happen that one day, upon being aware of the relation between Tsotso-o and Terhuopudi-ü, the ladies who seemed to have a liking towards Tsotso-o, decided to take it on themselves to disrupt the meeting of the two lovers by preventing it from happening that day. The ladies, ridden with envy, managed to halt Tsotso-o by hanging on to his anklets while he tried to leave for his routine work and meeting with Terhuopudi-ü, all the while Terhuopudi waited for Tsotso-o with great anticipation.
After several tries, Tsotso-o managed to free himself from the grasp of the ladies. He rushes to the spot where Terhuopudi-ü kept her patience, however, he seemed to have arrived a little late because Terhuopudi-ü was seen leaving. Tsotso-o asks his beloved to turn around and to look at him, however Terhuopudi-ü rejects his plea. Terhuopudi-ü was of the understanding that Tsotso-o had betrayed her by forgetting about their tryst that day.
Following the separation of their relationship, Tsotso-o frequented the place where he would meet Terhuopudi-ü daily. There he finds a leaf-cup where Terhuopudi-ü had collected her tears cried in sorrow of betrayal. Tsotso-o drinks the content of the cup, he then let-out a distinct cry (called Mephfü) in pain, and leaves the place with heavy sadness.

Format & Duration: Audio –3.41 mins
Date of Recording: 12-Aug-2023
Date of Upload: 14-Nov-2023
Performer: Khrieliebei-ü
Creator: Rielie Doss
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

Doss Rielie. 2023. Tsotso-o mu Terhuopudi-ü, Unie Dze. ( NEIIPA, Tetso College. Accessed: (21-Jun-2024)

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