An Initiative by Tetso College

Please follow the following steps to submit at NEIIPA or simply contact us before you begin to submit materials with us.

Step 1
Preparation and Recording
  • Recording of audio/visual in a best possible setting, e.g. with least background disturbance.

Note:- Before recording any item, please inform the consultant/narrator why you do this and she/he understands and agrees to it. This is for preserving and promoting our ethnic knowledges, language, culture and other folk practices which are disappearing every new day from our minds. It will be archived for a long term purpose, digitally. The data will be available in public domain and will used only for an academic purposes and not for commercial purposes. If the narrator so wishes not to display his identity publicly, note it to not do so.

Step 2
Data Backup
  • After recording, transfer them to PC for back up purpose. This item is very important now.
Step 3
File Naming Protocol
  • Rename each file following the specified format. For audio, use the naming pattern: ‘language_about_title/firstline_performer’s name.WAV’. Maintain the audio format as .WAV for optimal archival quality. Video files should be named in MOV, MKV, MP4, or MPEG format. Picture files should follow the naming pattern in .JPG, and text files should be in an open file format, not in PDF.

Audio naming pattern:

language_about_title/firstline_perfomer’s name.WAV
e.g. Konyak_narration_mang_sok_le_Wanglung_Konyak.WAV
Keep the audio format in .WAV form always. If you cannot do it, leave it as it is. MP3 is not
advisable for archival purpose. .WAV formats retains all the original sound properties.

Video naming pattern– MOV, MKV, MP4, MPEG
e.g. Konyak_narration_mang_sok_le_Wanglung_Konyak.WAV

e.g. Konyak_herb_mang_sok_le_Wanglung_Konyak.JPG

Text (open file not pdf)
e.g. Konyak_narration_mang_sok_le_Wanglung_Konyak.doc/pages

Step 4
Metadata and Detailed Description
  • Metadata and description

Metadata is an information about an information. There is a separate format to enter the metadata information. Fill them offline or online as per the instruction. If you are submitting more than one item, you will need to fill the metadata form twice, and thrice if you are submitting more than two. This is because each item is a different content although it may be narrated by one person.

In the relevant slot of the given format (offline or online), describe about the theme or give summary of the item (audio/video) in about 200 words. Answers question like what is this about? Who is talking about what and whom? If required mention whose story is this, who was the composer of it including his village, etc. This description will appear in a public domain. Sample text can be seen below:

‘This song is about a boy addressing his lover who follows her parents advice and married another, and also about the life achievement of the singer Kaihuii of Niamning village. The singer is from Mpai village, Peren district, Nagaland.’

Step 5
Material Submission

Receipt of your item will be acknowledge in 2/3 workings days. The smoothest way to submit your materials will be to contact us before you begin to submit materials.