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Title: So Hi Mo Zo
Language: Angami
Description: In our endeavor to honor the musical heritage of Angami, we are privileged to present a recording showcasing the timeless beauty of Vizokhonuo Metha’s folklore song. This project serves as a tribute to the cultural richness and artistic legacy, aiming to preserve and share the enchanting melodies that define the heart and soul of Angami’s folklore.
Format & Duration: Audio – 2mins 40secs.
Date of Recording: 29-oct-2023
Date of Upload: 01-Nov-2023
Performer: Vizokhonuo Metha
Creator: Neilanuo Metsieo
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

Metsieo Neilanuo. 2023. So Hi Mo Zo. ( NEIIPA,Tetso College. Accessed: (17-Jul-2024)

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