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Title: The story of Amughusu
Language: Sumi
Description: The folktale chosen for this research is a story called ‘Amughusu,’ which translates to ‘the wooden stick that holds the metal axe or just an axe alone.’ It’s an ancient tale that originated from the Sumi Naga tribe, and it can be traced back to the origin of the Sema tribe of Naga. This story is believed to have been passed down through the Swu descendants, who are considered the ancestors of all Sumi clans. In the story, there was a father with two sons. Before his death, he instructed his sons to divide his property equally. The elder brother, who was already married during their father’s lifetime, took all the property for himself. The younger brother received only a wooden axe handle, which he contemplated burning. However, the axe spoke to him, pleading not to be burned. The axe promised to guide and bring luck to the younger brother if he kept it safe. It advised him to seek a bride not based on beauty or wealth but on loyalty. Initially, the younger brother ignored the axe’s counsel and became engaged to a beautiful but envious woman. Then he got engaged to a wealthy but proud woman, both of whom the axe rejected. Finally, he brought a loyal girl, and the axe approved, foretelling a prosperous and generous future. As predicted, they lived prosperously, helping many people and being revered as parents. However, a fire called ‘tuqu-time’ consumed their village. Despite the axe’s warnings to save it first, they focused on their crops, and the axe was burned. In doing so, it lost its sight, hearing, and sanity, rendering it unable to help them. The couple lost their wealth and became poor, living in poverty.

Format & Duration: Video: 6mins 9secs
Date of Recording:15-Aug2023
Date of Upload: 09-Nov-2023
Performer: Salomi I Zhimo
Creator: Akivito M Chishi
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

Chishi Akivito M. 2023. The story of Amughusu. ( NEIIPA,Tetso College. Accessed: (17-Jul-2024)

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