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The Story of a Boy and a Girl

Folk Tale . 1:32

Title: The Story of a Boy and a Girl
Language:Chakesang (Khezha)
Description:  Once upon a time in the early days there was a boy and a girl who went to the forest to take some banana leaves . As they were about to move from the forest it was already dark. There were no torches or lambs like these days. The boy said to the girl let’s just sleep here tonight. It’s already dark and we won’t be able to see the way . The girl was so scared and she said we are not even married. We are taught not to sleep together unless we are married. On that night the boy climbed up the tree threatening the girl as the girl was already disturbed by his words. On the next day they both went home but the girl was so scared that it is said that the boy and the girl should not sleep together unless we are married.

Format & Duration: Audio –1mins 32secs
Date of Recording: 16-Aug-2023
Date of Upload: 14-Nov-2023
Performer: Neitshelou Lasuh
Creator: Terhozou Lasuh
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

Lasuh Terhozou. 2023. The Story of a Boy and a Girl. ( NEIIPA, Tetso College. Accessed: (21-Jun-2024)

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