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Title: The Mythical Stonehenge (Khamüluo and Mütiluo)
Language: Chakesang(Khezha)
Description: Oral narratives like folksongs and folktales play a Vital role in the oral community life of the
Chakhesang Nagas. Due to the absence of a written Script, the people find their way to relate the past. Through a different kind of oral transmission of Folksongs and folktales. Since the oral narration Solely depends on one’s memory, with time, it slowly Changes as the folktales are narrated by different Narrators. The flexible nature of the oral narration, It keeps on with the changing need of time and no One can stop the flow of change. No matter what Consequences the changes is taking place, everything Is recorded through folksongs and folktales which Help the young generation to know about the social Life of the past to some extent. Had it not folksongs And folktales existed or the creativity of the people Fails to implore the importance of folksongs and Folktales, then the community would have lost its Contact with their past. But, with the creativity of the People in composing folksongs and narrating Folktales, it bridges the gap of the past and the Present generation. The present paper aims to study How oral narratives play an important role in Helping the community to preserve their history, and How people use as a means to transmit their history From one generation to the next generation. It will Also focus on how oral narration is accepted by the Community in the present generation. In the ancient times, long before technological advancements and modern civilization, intriguing stories and legends were passed down through generations. Among them was a captivating tale that took place in the mountains of the Chakesang tribe. This narrative revolves around two enigmatic figures named Khamüluo and Mütiluo, whose origins and purpose remain a mystery to this day. They possessed extraordinary capabilities, leading to debates about their true nature, with some labeling them as witches or supernatural beings. Their most compelling aspect, however, lies in their ability to foresee future events, offering prophetic insights into the challenges plaguing our present-day society. As they wandered through the lands of the Chakesang tribe, engaging with various tribal communities, their identities remained concealed, giving rise to numerous unanswered questions regarding their purpose and the forces that may have sent them on their mystical journey.

Format & Duration: Audio – 4mins 03secs
Date of Recording: 23-Jul-2023
Date of Upload: 14-Nov-2023
Performer: Zeweteü Ritse
Creator: Meyiete Ritse
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

Ritse Meyiete. 2023. The Mythical Stonehenge (Khamüluo and Mütiluo). ( NEIIPA, Tetso College. Accessed: (18-Jun-2024)

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