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The folk Tale of “the singing bamboo flute”

Folk Tale . 4:19

Title: The folk Tale of “the singing bamboo flute ”
Language: Sumi
Description: In selecting the “Singing Bamboo Flute” folktale, I was drawn to its timeless message of valuing the intangible over the material. This story beautifully illustrates how the magic of music and community can enrich our lives in ways that possessions cannot. The flute’s melodies and Kavi’s steadfastness remind us that genuine treasures lie in our connections with others and the moments of harmony we create. By sharing this folktale, I hoped to highlight the importance of embracing simple pleasures, nurturing relationships, and recognizing the deeper meaning in our daily experiences.
Format & Duration: Audio: 4mins 19secs
Date of Recording: 25-Oct-2023
Date of Upload: 02-Nov-2023
Performer: Kenili Kiba
Creator: Noyingbeni and Avili
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: At its core, “The Singing Bamboo Flute” delivers a powerful message about the intrinsic worth of cultural traditions, communal bonds, and the beauty found in simplicity. The tale urges us to look beyond the allure of material possessions and acknowledge the profound impact of art, music, and shared experiences on our lives. And also, I would like to acknowledge my uncle for being our driver. TheSinging Bamboo Flute& quot; folktale holds cultural significance by reflecting and preserving the
values, beliefs, and traditions of the Nagas people in Nagaland. The tale serves as a vessel for
passing down important life lessons and moral teachings from one generation to another.
1. Value of Intangibles: The emphasis on valuing intangible qualities over material possessions
resonates with cultural norms that prioritize relationships, community, and emotional
connections. In Nagaland's traditional society, the richness of life often comes from shared
experiences, music, and communal bonds.
2. Oral Tradition: Like many cultures, Nagas have a strong tradition of oral storytelling. This
folktale represents a part of that rich oral heritage, where stories are passed down through
generations to educate, entertain, and preserve cultural identity.
3. Connection with Nature:The forest setting and the importance of harmony with nature in the
story reflect the Nagas' close relationship with the environment. The Nagas have a deep
reverence for nature, and this connection is often woven into their stories and way of life.
4. Respect for Wisdom:The admiration and respect given to Kavi for his wisdom and the lessons
he imparts align with the cultural reverence for elders and those who possess knowledge and
5. Unity and Sharing: The unity shown by the villagers and the message of sharing one's talents
and knowledge highlight the importance of collective efforts, mutual support, and working
together as a community.

Noyingbeni and Avili. 2023. The folk Tale of “the singing bamboo flute”. ( NEIIPA,Tetso College. Accessed: (16-Jun-2024)

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