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Teyha Mei (Hornbill feather)

Folk Tale . 9:03

Title: Teyha Mei (Hornbill feather)
Description: Angami Nagas, including many Naga tribes and for the matter many of the North Eastern regions of India, use ‘Teyha Mei’ as priceless ornaments during festivals and special occasions. How ‘Teyha Mei’ is being used as a priceless ornament lies behind a story. The story goes that a wild fruit by the name ‘Rei-de’ whose fruit the animal enjoyed most decided to host all the animals of the forest one winter day.
That fateful night all the animals unanimously came to a decision that whoever first sees the next day dawn will be honoured by men . The smallest bird ‘Keneivüno’ said that she having less soft feathers never sleeps properly at night and will surely be the first one to see the dawn.So the birds decide to let the most cost feather bird , that is ‘Teyha ‘ (Hornbill), to wrap ‘Keneivüno’ so that the smallest bird might not be honoured by men. Next day sure enough the ‘Keneivüno’ as usual woke up early and started moving it’s feathers which woke up the giant Teyha who eventually shouted a loud to declare that he is the first to see the dawn , and that’s how his feather is being adored by men till death.
The story goes on further to say that kenievüno too complains that actually she was the one who woke up Teyha so she too deserves to be honoured. That’s how all her 12 tail feathers are black stripes like that of the Teyha.

Format & Duration: Audio: 9 Min 02 Sec
Date of Recording: 7-Jan-2024
Date of Upload: 16-April-2024
Performer: Arho Niphi
Creator: Seyieno Chüsi
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

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