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Title: Mele kehizü (Young Love)
Language: Rengma

“Young love”

Oh young love!Oh young boy and girl! Together they were eloping through the forest.
Where their elders forbid them to go!
Yet for their love,they wouldn’t care and left.
There as the young couple,were passing by the river, a strong waves of typhoon came by…
Which was done by the evil, to seperate the young lovers apart…
The young girl fell into the trap, and the young boy,who tried so hard not to let go his lover…
Yet he could not hold her, and she fell deep into the unknown sea.
The young boy then grief and hold back, looking at the typhoon.
Expecting his lover to come back!
Yet there was no sign of his young lover.
The young boy after realising,grief in shame, that he could not save his lover.
He then question himself “oh my lover!How will I show my face to the villagers?How will I
say that I lost you to the evil?”
And even though he knows that his young lover was drove away into the unknown sea.
He bid his last goodbye to his lover as it was becoming dark.
The young boy said, “oh my love!The sun is setting and I cannot sleep in the jungle forever!
Oh my love!How I wish you can come back!Even though we may never see each other again,I
will forever love and miss you! Goodbye my love…

Format & Duration: Audio: 1mins 51secs
Date of Recording: 25-Jul-2023
Date of Upload: 02-Nov-2023
Performer: Julo Bukh
Creator:Shahile Kath
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

Shahile Kath. 2023. A Woman who married the Tiger. ( NEIIPA,Tetso College. Accessed: (14-Jul-2024)

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