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Kongliang (Small Bird)

Folk Tale . 3:55

Title: Kongliang (small bird)
Language: Ao
Description: In the mystical era, a family had two daughters. During the harvest season, the parents went to the fields, leaving the older sister in charge of the younger sister. The older sister assigned tasks to her, but when the younger sister became hungry, the older sister ignored her. Instead of providing food, she hit the younger sister’s palm with a hot rice ladle. Heartbroken and starving, the younger sister left the house. Meanwhile, the parents returned home to find a bumper crop, bringing them joy. The story contrasts the experiences of the two sisters during the harvest season. The parents returned home to find only the older daughter, who falsely claimed that the younger sister was sitting outside. The parents, knowing their daughters well, went in search of the younger sister. They found her transformed into a small bird on a tall tree, singing a mournful song about the injustice she faced. The bird flew away, leaving the parents heartbroken. It’s a poignant tale of sibling rivalry and the consequences of unjust actions.

Format & Duration: Audio: 3 mins, 54 secs
Date of Recording: 20-Jul-2023
Date of Upload: 09-Nov-2023
Performer: Menangmenla
Creator: Shahile, Nungsangwapang, Pangzangliba, Kevikolie, Arlene, Chubasangla
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: NA

Shahile, Nungsangwapang, Pangzangliba, Kevikolie, Arlene, Chubasangla. 2023. Kongliang (small bird). ( NEIIPA,Tetso College. Accessed: (18-Jul-2024)

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