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Title: Indigenous Angami Guide Recipe- Kenie, Tathu, and, Galho
Language: Angami
Description: Perilla Seeds dish (Kenie), Galho and Rakkyo Onion Chutney (Khuovie tathu) are three traditional cuisines of the Angami Naga tribe known for its rich and authentic taste balancing flavour and texture.
Perilla Seeds dish,known as Kenie, is a savoury Angami dish. It consist of a rich amount of ingredients such as Perilla Seeds (Kenie) being the main ingredient, Fermented soya beans (Dzacie), Beans( Kerhü),Dried Yam stem (dzürüte), Mushroom (cie), Salt (metsie), Water(dzü) and various herbs and spices like Ginger (kevü), Garlic(Chümerie), Chilli (Chüsi), and Chives (Chümerie nyü).
Galho is a popular dish of the Angamis which is generally a mixture of rice, vegetables and meats. However, one can try various other ingredients into the Galho depending on their preferences. As recorded in the video, a typical Galho dish usually includes ingredients such as Yam leaves (dzünyü), Ginger leaves (Kevünyü), Roselle plant (Gakhro), Basil leaves (Nietso), Beans (Kerhü) and other major ingredients like Water (dzü), Salt (Metsie) and Chilli (Chüsi).
Rakkyo Onion Chutney (Khuovie tathu) is a spicy Angami chutney made with Rakkyo Onion as the main ingredient. Various spices and ingredients such as King Chilli (Raja Chüsi), Tamarillo (Sibegenuo), Ginger flower (Kevü Pou) and Salt (Metsie) are used to add flavours to the heat.

Format & Duration: Audio: 16 mins 4 secs
Date of Recording: 23-Oct-2023
Date of Upload: 14-Nov-2023
Performer:Lhoutuonuo Kaco
Creator: Awele Tsuha,Meyiete Ritse, Ketoulezo Rio, Rielie Doss, and, Yabangjungla.
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: This project does not attempt to claim the particulars of the culinary assets, exhibited in the video and images, to be exclusive to the culture of the Angami tribe. The mentioned assets may exist in exact, or similar variations, in other methods/recipes within the culture of various indigenous tribes, or others.

Tsuha Awele, Ritse Meyiete, Rio Ketoulezo, Doss Rielie, Yabangjungla. 2023. Indigenous Angami Guide Recipe- Kenie, Tathu, and, Galho. ( NEIIPA,Tetso College. Accessed: (16-Jul-2024)

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