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Asu Tho Chu-U Atusho Aghuthu

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Title: Asu Tho Chu-U Atusho Aghuthu
Language: Sumi
Description: The story originates from the sumi tribe of Nagaland,which is based on the tradition of the border line made with stones. The story begins with a man named Tho-chu-U, a great hunter , who went to the forest to hunt with his dog. Unfortunately while chasing after a deer they reach a cave, which is believed to be a dwelling place for evil spirits , where the dog was lured inside. On the verge of saving his dog he was trapped inside the cave which led him to his death. Tho chu-U’s son tried searching for him but they could not find him. While they were asleep Tho Chu -U visited his sons in their dreams and advised them to put up stone pillars to avoid stealing and fighting over the lands.From that day on Tho Chu-u’s son’s kept putting up the stone pillar boundary and till today this practice has been followed by the present generation.
The belief this Folktale holds is that if a person tries to destroy the stone pillar boundary they are cursed with lightning struck and also vomit of mud leading to death.

Format & Duration: Audio – 1mins 33secs
Date of Recording: 25-Oct-2023
Date of Upload: 10-Nov-2023
Performer: L.Hekhuzhe Awomi
Creator: Livela, Nivi, Kenyugi,Terhozou,vibo,vina
Publisher: Tetso College, Dimapur
Note: We would like to thank Miss Rosy for giving us this opportunity. We also like to extend our gratitude to L.Hukhuze Awomi(Narrator) for the story and sharing his knowledge.

Livela, Nivi, Kenyugi, Terhozou, Vibo, Vina. 2023.Asu Tho Chu-U Atusho Aghuthu. ( NEIIPA,Tetso College. Accessed: (20-Jun-2024)

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