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 The Rengma Naga are a Tibeto- Burman ethnic group colonising the North-east Indian states of Nagaland and Assam . The Rengma tribes are one of the main tribes in Nagaland.

They call themselves by the names ‘ Njong’ or

‘Injang’. The Rengmas tribes are recognised , acknowledged and identified by their distinct culture,customs and traditions.

 According to the 2011 census of India, the population of Rengmas in Nagaland is recorded at 62,527 and the population of the Rengmas in Assam is most likely around 22,000.

The headquarters of the Rengmas in Nagaland is at Tseminyü District and the headquarters of Rengmas in Assam is located at Phentsero / karenga village .

Origin of Rengma tribes

According to the local traditions, the Rengmas and the Lothas ( or Lhotas) were once a part of a single ethnic group.

They belong to the Mongoloid racial stock. It is believed that Rengmas along with other Naga tribes migrated from South-east Asia across the Yunnan mountain ranges and settled down in the upper Burma region. 

Society of Rengma tribes 

Slavery  used to be practised among the Rengmas,and the slaves were most commonly known by the names menugetenyu and itsakesa . By the time the Britishers/ British arrived in the Naga region, slavery was a declining practice and no Rengma appears to have been a slave during that time. 

 Festival of Rengma tribes

Like every other tribe , the Rengmas also celebrate lots of seasonal festivals that are related to their agriculture. ‘ Ngada’ is the most important festival of the Rengma tribe. It is celebrated after harvesting the crop or at the end of November or in the beginning of December. It is a ‘thanksgiving’ festival of the Rengma tribes.

Religion of the Rengma tribes

 The ancient Rengma tribes believed in the immortality of the soul and life hereafter .

Traditionally, the Rengma tribes are worshippers of supernatural beings. The supreme God is known as “teronyu”. “nyensug” and “nyensugi” are the next important God and Goddess who are most likely worshipped for household wealth.

Now, most of the Rengma tribes are Christians.


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